Gogu's Island

You, c#unitylinguistics

Gogu’s Island is a game I designed and programmed in Unity using C#. It was created for academic research into how gamification can be used for learning directions in a foreign language.

The aim of the game is to find treasure chests hidden on an island. The chests are all saved as JSON objects and instantiated when required.

In this image the pink dots are a visualisation of where a participant's eye gaze is directed!


As a game for academic research, Gogu’s Island records details about player behaviour and exports these to csv on completion – these files are tens of thousand of lines! I created some custom data pipelines to clean the output and make it usable for scientific purpose.

Aside from player performance, the game records eye movement through a modified version of Tobii Eye Tracking API.

I developed custom scripts in MATLAB to analyse the recorded data.

This project was made for the University of Newcastle, who own the IP. The code is not available publicly, but I am happy to show anyone in person and give a demonstration of gameplay.

It was an amazing challenge working on this project, and my skills as a developer skyrocketed in the process.

Photo © Alex Smith.